Filmmaker. Social, racial, & LGBTQIA+ justice activist.

"After living in Texas and on the East Coast, Seattle is just like, ‘be as you are, come as you are.’

People move to Seattle because it is weird, and it is artsy, and it is open, and it's free for all. It's free if you're queer, and you're trans, and you're Muslim, and you're black, you should be able to feel comfortable here. That's why people move to Seattle.

Seattle has this identity crisis, thinking of itself as being this liberal utopia. Thinking: ‘Nothing’s wrong here.’ Meanwhile when you look down into Seattle, not the big view comparatively, when you look down close, it’s got some ugly, ugly problems, and that's something that cannot sustain itself. It’s the contrasts in how people live in the city: the art galleries, next to tech, next to Paul Allen, next to homeless camps. That's Seattle. Seattle, having one of the highest income zip codes in the country, there should not be a reason why people live every single day like that. I think that to live every single day with the fear of eviction, the fear of not being able to eat, the fear of not being able to afford medicine, and the fear of deportation is not acceptable.

People joke about how the Central District keeps moving south, like what we consider the Central District is now actually the south end because of economic displacement. But this is not a joke. This community is desperately trying to hold itself together.

Is this city prepared to give up their most ingenious, their most creative, the young and innovative? Are they prepared to lose those people? I love Seattle. I love its quirkiness, its open 'do your thing' attitude. I love how friendly people are.

I want to stay here in Seattle. I want to give my all to Seattle. I say: ‘Let me stay.’ I don't want to move where I can afford to put down roots. I really want to get a house here. I really want to raise kids here. I want to get a bunch of cats and some dogs like everybody else."

Home is a queer & trans people of color co-op in the Central District.

We are #SeattleNeighbors. Seattle needs more homes, of all shapes and sizes, for all our neighbors.