Hey neighbor! What's your housing story?

We want to hear from you! 

We're sharing stories and photos like yours to focus Seattle’s affordability conversations on what matters most: the people who live here. That's you and your loved ones!

Did you grow up here? If not, that’s okay! We also want to build our Cascadia—all of Washington, Oregon, and the tip of California—resident stories! Did you move for a job, romance, school, or adventure? Why the area? Why the lifestyle? Are you living with roommates—or your mom or your grandma? Are you renting a studio, commuting into town, looking to downsize, or worried about finding your next apartment?

Tell us your story with three easy steps:

  • How did you wind up in (or near) Seattle? What makes a home? What does community mean to you? What’s your take on the housing situation in Seattle?

  • Snap a photo (nothing fancy—phone selfies are totally fine, but if you have nicer portraits or photos taken of you on your phone, we won’t complain)!

  • Tell us a bit about your home (housing type, roommates, neighborhood) and your community.

Stories like yours help illustrate why a thriving city is stronger—and more livable and lovable—when we encourage more homes of all shapes and sizes to give all kinds of people plenty of affordable options and keep prices from shooting out of reach.