Filipina-American professional. Immigrant. Volunteer. Co-Chair on the Seattle Human Rights Commission.

(opinions expressed here are her own)

"Since graduating UC Berkeley, I have lived in five cities across the US and France. I finally made it to Seattle for a great job opportunity to work on criminal justice issues on a national level. Four years later, I’ve never felt more at home than in Beacon Hill.

A main reason for this feeling of connection to my neighborhood is due to the diversity in Beacon Hill, especially within the Filipino community. Even though I am far away from my family, who live in Southern California, and my home country of the Philippines, I am able to maintain my connections to my roots living here. Luckily, I was able to find a very welcoming housing situation within Seattle and a much shorter commute to work than in Los Angeles, which allows more time to volunteer in local organizations, especially those in the Chinatown-International District and South Seattle, and serve on the Seattle Human Rights commission…

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My commitment to giving back to my community is deeply ingrained within my family due to the opportunities that this country has given us. Our first years in America consisted of my parents and I living in a room that only fit a twin bed and a makeshift desk out of a nightstand. This was in a house where three other families also lived in their own room. Now, I am able to rent a room on my own in a vibrant city and am the first person in my extended family to graduate from an American university and will be pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree. In addition, my little sister is currently attending college in West Los Angeles. I am proud of her activism in LGBT community.

Obtaining affordable housing allowed me to save up financial resources to overcome the barriers of the cost of higher education. Thus, I am closer to my goal of bringing the voices of marginalized communities to the table and ensure the protection and accessibility of the American Dream. I plan to return to Seattle after my studies because this is where my partner lives and a place where I have established my roots."

Home is a townhouse SHARED with housemates.

We are #SeattleNeighbors. Seattle needs more homes, of all shapes and sizes, for all our neighbors.