"When I was making the offer on my house, my agent called and told the owners my story—that I was a single mom trying to buy my first house and create generational wealth for my daughter and give her a future. She convinced them to sell it to me. And they accepted my offer on Mother’s Day. I was visiting my father when I found out and I fell out of the car in his driveway and started crying—I was so happy. We talk all the time about what this house really meant for her, for us.

I don’t know anyone in Seattle who isn’t struggling to live here. For me, being able to own a home is something I never thought was possible. Buying this house was the confidence I needed to know that I didn’t need dual income or somebody to help me take care of my daughter. It also gave me a lot of security and stability to the point where I volunteer more, I give a lot more of my time and energy to my community and other organizations. I have a village here. One of my neighbors comes and picks up my daughter and takes her to ballet. I have a whole community of people that I can rely on. Anytime I need anything, I can knock on anyone’s door."

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hOME WAS Bought with THE hOUSING AND uRBAN dEVELOPMENT’S first-time home buyers program, providing ‘high-risk’ loans.

We are #SeattleNeighbors. Seattle needs more homes, of all shapes and sizes, for all our neighbors.